More chance of losing than winning in Keno

More chance of losing than winning in Keno


There’s no need for bettors to kid themselves. A standard Keno game involves 80 numbers and the player only has to pick 5, so the odds of the player winning are 1:4. In the end, there is a 27% chance that the five numbers chosen by the player will be drawn!  In Keno, there is less chance of winning than losing. A bet on five numbers carries the risk that you will lose your initial bet, which is normal since eighty numbers can be drawn. However, there are ways in which you can make your bet pay off. The 5-number bet, for example, is particularly prolific in the long run. It should be noted that Keno players who want to win big jackpots often have to participate in special sessions, where the betting limits and stakes are much higher. 

Betting on fewer numbers to win more

Sometimes operators impose certain rules and conditions on players. These conditions include, for example, the obligation to play up to 14 numbers. If the odds of drawing at least one good number are high, the odds of getting all the numbers required are much lower… So sometimes it is up to you to choose: do you prefer a bet that is disadvantageous in terms of odds but has a high payout ratio, or the opposite? This is a question that you will certainly have to think about. After all, when you play 14 numbers, your chances of getting even 7 numbers are only 2%. So we think it’s better to take less risk and bet on fewer numbers. Yes, the fewer numbers you play, the lower your chances of losing big. And then you can just follow a couple of other tips on several sites to increase your chances of winning at Keno.

Jackpots are so… elusive

For those of you who only dream of winning a jackpot, be aware that you need to proceed with caution. The odds of the 14 correct numbers being drawn are one in four hundred million… Now that’s a morale killer. Honestly, skip the jackpots and just bet on fewer numbers. You may not win huge amounts, but at least you won’t lose! In the end, the odds are what they are. The only way to beat the odds is to be reasonable in your choices.

Keno win optimization tools


To win at Keno today, luck or skill alone is no longer enough. More and more bettors are resorting to cheating or to a number of tools aimed at increasing their chances of winning this lottery game which is becoming more and more difficult day by day.Whether you are a beginner or a professional casino player, you will find on tips that will help you increase your chances of winning.  In the following article, we present some of these processes that improve players’ statistics. However, you should know that none of them guarantee a 100% win for the user.

Reducing systems: playing on the most recurrent numbers

The principle is to increase the player’s probability of winning by encouraging him to bet on numbers that are drawn more often than the average, and the reducer systems remain instruments that are likely to help the player in the long term. Indeed, there are several statistical tables that provide information on the numbers that appear most often in Keno draws. While there is no guarantee that the player will win the jackpot with the help of the reducer systems, the player can still outsmart the statistics with this tool, which gives a clear and precise idea of the mathematical preferences of the random number generators.

Prediction tools: the opinions of real professionals

Some punters prefer what are known as prediction tools. These tools allow them to compare the bookmakers’ opinions and predictions with the keno results. These professionals do not only focus on sports, but also on some lottery games, and Keno – just like Bingo – is one of them. On the bookmakers’ websites, users will find rankings showing the odds of each keno number being drawn. These rankings display real-time predictions and are updated daily.

Statistical tables: history of all Keno draws

Keno online

The statistical tables list all the Keno draws since the creation of the game – or at least its operation. These tables are normally free and open access. They display an exhaustive amount of data but it is up to the player to analyse them and draw conclusions. By being patient and taking the time to decipher this information, anyone could accurately assess the frequency of a particular number.

Keno software: a program that does everything for you

Keno software is widely available on the internet. You can even buy a CD version. These are computer programs that produce a sequence of numbers on demand. These programs are flexible and offer a very interesting feature: they can assign a certain importance to one or more specific numbers. These points can be assigned as a result of your various searches, particularly following your use of the prediction tools or statistical tables.

It should be noted that while these four tools are commendable in their individual functionality, they allow for a combined use of their various skills. Indeed, the best alternative to help you increase your winnings is probably to use these four tools not individually, but in combination.

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