Top 3 tips for volleyball betting

Top 3 tips for volleyball betting

volleyball betting tips

Without a minimum of knowledge about the sport (and probably a passion for it!), it will be difficult to expect any medium/long term gain from betting on volleyball!  Don’t blindly follow our free sports betting predictions on a sport you don’t know!

That being said, focusing on a less publicised sport for your bets is almost always a good idea as bookmakers have less information and interest in constantly checking the sports betting odds that are offered. The value is there for you to take advantage of while applying the following 3 tips. 

Bankroll management on volleyball betting

Whatever the sport, managing your bankroll will always be the basis of your eventual success, in the medium to long term, in sports betting. Volleyball betting is no exception and you should never bet more than a certain percentage on any of the popular volleyball bets, as shown above. 

Here is a concrete example: the two best French clubs in the world are meeting: Tours VB and Chaumont (the worthy replacement of a more or less bankrupt Paris VB…). Because of many injuries on the Tours side, and because they have a huge lead in the championship, you think Chaumont is capable of creating a small surprise, rated at 2.5 to 1. If you have 1000 dollars for your sports bets, you should never bet more than 2 or 3 % on a single bet. In this case: $30 on a Chaumont win.

Pay attention to news and statistics before betting on volleyball

betting on volleyball

As with all sports, you won’t get away with betting on volleyball if you don’t pay close attention to the news and/or statistics of the teams you want to bet on. This is particularly the case in volleyball for two reasons:

The injury or misfortune of a single player (especially the libero) can drastically change the potential outcome of a match.

Bookmakers have less information on volleyball than on other more popular sports, such as tennis or football. You should take advantage of this!

Note that excellent sources of information/statistics about the Ligue A, the French top division of volleyball, are available via the Ligue Nationale de Volley-Ball website.

Beware of small odds on volleyball betting

Just as is the case with PSG in Ligue 1 football betting, small odds can be very dangerous in volleyball, if you bet on super favourites like Tours VB in the French Ligue A. Their 6 wins (3-2) in the tie-break and two losses in 24 league games in 2018/2019 prove that surprises are always possible. Statistically, betting on their matches with odds of 1.05 or 1.1 to 1 becomes immediately unattractive…

How to take advantage of sports betting bonuses and promotions to bet on volleyball?

volleyball betting

In an ultra-competitive market such as sports betting, online horse betting and online poker, it goes without saying that all the legal bookmakers are fighting a real battle to attract and retain players. And you are the one who can benefit from this! If you use the following sports betting bonuses wisely, you should be able to maximise your winnings by betting on volleyball:

  • Welcome bonuses from sports betting sites: if you don’t have an account on some of the legal sports betting sites, you should definitely take advantage of them! You can bet a sum of between 50 and 150 dollars, depending on the bookmaker, on a volleyball match if you wish, without any risk. Note that we always recommend odds of around 2 or 3 to 1 (maximum), which guarantees a good ratio of profit to potential risk.
  • Boosted odds: even if most of the “improved odds” are proposed on tennis or football, it happens (for the Champions League or the French volleyball team matches) that some odds are improved. Take advantage of this!
  • Cashout options: the cashout allows you to sell your volleyball bets at any time – as long as the match is not over – and you should not be without it in certain conditions: player injuries, problems during live matches, etc.

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