The online options for playing Keno

The online options for playing Keno

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Of course, for us, online Keno remains the best option, which is precisely why we decided to create this website in the first place. Casinos, having sensed that the game has become very popular again, have taken it up and are now developing it to the maximum. You will be surprised at the quality of the games they offer.

Where to play Keno?

It’s all very well to have decided to play Keno, but you still need to know where. That’s why in this section, we will give you all the spots available to play keno online and we will even talk in our first article about the biggest competitor of online casinos, we want to talk about the FDJ of course.

The national lottery (FDJ)

Of course, keno is a registered trademark of the FDJ but it is so widely used that the name has become part of our customs and we now use it as a game name. When you think of keno, most of you think of FDJ and therefore of a tobacco shop to validate your ticket and a television to watch the results each week. We’ll take a tour of this official game and give you a detailed description so you can decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth playing with largest gambling provider.

Mobile applications to play Keno

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From now on, Keno has no limits and you won’t be satisfied with playing from your home, from your sofa, on your computer, because now a lot of applications on mobile phones and tablets are being created. All you need to do is have an internet connection on your smartphone, download the application you choose and in less than three minutes you will be able to play.

Because Keno is developing very quickly online, we decided to take a look at the games you can find on the net and rank them according to our opinion, from the most interesting to the least attractive. Of course, we will explain the criteria we have chosen for our classification.

Partner sites and contacts

Finally, to finish this section in beauty, we will give you the list of our contacts, of our partners with whom we work or have worked, so that you have even more resources if you really want to dig into the world of keno. You will also find on these sites games, which you can use for free, as you wish.

he best online keno games

In Keno, there are a multitude of different grid models, which offer a wide variety of game areas, bets and sub-grids to ensure that users never get bored. It is therefore fair to say that Keno is a very elaborate lottery game, with many different variations that will appeal to the more or less experienced bettor. In the following article, we will share our experience with you and tell you about the most unusual Keno variants.

The Combination Ticket

This Keno variant offers a ticket with a large number of sub-grids. The user, if he wants to win, must therefore validate several tickets simultaneously if he wants to win the game. One of the disadvantages of the Combination Ticket is that it requires a fairly large budget: yes, the player has to make a bet for each of the grids in his possession.

The Way Ticket

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The objective of the Way Ticket is to try to predict several groups of numbers on a single grid. However, sometimes certain numbers are used for several groups of numbers. These numbers are chosen in advance by the player, who decides to make them his or her top numbers. As part of the Way Ticket, online casinos often set minimum bet requirements. So you’ll need to be careful with your budget, especially if you decide to compete in several challenges at the same time!

Flash Keno

Flash Keno can be played in Straight Ticket or Combination Ticket mode but has the advantage of being available only from a web browser. There is no need to download the casino software to play this variant, which is played faster than the traditional lottery game. Moreover, Flash Keno is very often offered in a free version!

Video Keno

Video Keno has improved graphics and playability. Offered by online casinos, it is offered with very affordable stakes. Like video poker, video keno has all the ingredients of the classic lottery game but is presented through a screen that looks very much like a slot machine. Video Keno rarely offers more than two simultaneous games.

Online casinos are probably the best place to play Keno. Their state-of-the-art technology and the many variations they offer provide unparalleled entertainment. Very often, online casinos even offer free keno. Feel free to check out our list of partner casinos, all of which are known for their professionalism and reliability.

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